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These are the committees defined within League of Women Voters of Orange County. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommitees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Board of Directors
Committee Chairs
For communication with interest group Chairs
We inform our membership and community about League work and events via newspapers, magazines, e-mail, Facebook, blog, Twitter and social networks including Central Florida Spotlight and our website, Write/edit our League newsletter, the “eVoter” • Help create our League online “Voter Guide.” • Work toward digitalizing all aspects of Orange County League communication
DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Committee
LWVOC subscribes to the LWVUS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy. Therefore, the LWVOC is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in principle and in practice. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the organization’s current and future success in engaging all individuals, households, communities, and policy makers in creating a more perfect democracy.
Study issues and take action by lobbying legislators and the school board • Participate in speaking activities to inform the public of League positions on education issues • Learn about differences in schools and how they are funded: public, private, vouchers, etc. INTERESTED IN EDUCATION? Click on View Members and send an email to one of the Co-Chairs.
Our goal is to develop and implement a plan to increase the League's financial resources.
Researches best practices and advocates for government improvements and government in the sunshine. Discusses political issues that affect Central Florida; studies and recommends action on selected issues. •Manages Observer Corps; attends government meetings and reports back to the membership. •Supports advocacy efforts that include meeting with lawmakers, developing the League’s positions on issues ranging from election laws to finance and taxation.
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Gun Safety
Support a committee that is now a statewide group of individuals advocating for screening for all gun purchases. • Meet with law enforcement officers about gun safety; support policies to promote gun safety at public institutions and companies; study and advocate for requirements for child-safe technology.
Celebrate anniversaries of LWVOC, LWV
Hot Topics
Hot Topics is our League’s signature event that occurs 2nd Wednesdays monthly for engagement, recruitment, and education for action. Along with a delicious lunch, members and guests are treated to expert speakers who provide food for thought and action.
Educate members about League history and values and focus on growth and retention. • Report statistics to state and national League of Women Voters; maintain membership database. • Plan League Showcase and New Member Orientations
Study environmental issues and take action by lobbying legislators as well as county and city commissioners. • Be part of organizing events that focus on the need to preserve Florida’s imperiled waters.
Speaker's Bureau
Learn more about the history of the League and key topics that are developed to educate our Orange County voters. • Attend virtual and face to face workshops and train to be either a Presenter or a Helper to support the education mission of the LWVOC. • Study important political issues and share with various organizations as invited by key leaders in our community.
Transportation corridors determines growth and quality of life. With almost 25% of the average household's income used for transportation purposes, this committee will take action to improve central Florida's transportation options, its efficiency, speed, and cost effectiveness. We will be looking at options for dedicated funding sources for smooth running of traffic, trains, buses and bikes, as well as monitoring national best practices for application in Central Florida. Florida is growing rapidly, be part of a critical citizen voice in making sure we grow smart!
Voter Services
We manage the online Voter Guide to aid the electorate in making informed decisions. We help register voters, explain ballot amendments and organize Candidate Forum. And we participate in Adopt-a Precinct, your Orange County League effort to manage and staff polling locations at the time of elections.
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Women's Rights
Provide experienced logistics support for events