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Voter Services Committee

We manage the online Voter Guide to aid the electorate in making informed decisions.

Voter education, ballot amendment education, and candidate forums are part of our responsibilities.  We also staff polling locations and participate in Adopt-A-Precinct.

We can attend your organization's SPECIAL EVENT to register voters!
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Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Voter Services Committee Meetings
Monthly Meetings are the first Monday of the month at 6 pm.
Location: Winter Park Library, located at 460 E. New England Ave, Winter Park

Become a committee member by contacting our Chairperson Leah Nash HERE
Members ONLY:  Visit our Forum to stay up-to-date with our activities and announcements.
Our 2020-2021 Program Goals were reached after careful consideration at our Annual Meeting.

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Important Information

Re-Certify to Register Voters
All members interested in registering voters need to take the new training and test to be able to do so.
This state League requirement puts everyone on the same timetable for renewal.
The re-certification lasts 2 years through 2019.  If you have not re-certified in 2019, you must do so again to register voters with LWVOC.

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Voter Services: What You Need To Know

Questions about voting? Click below for answers!



Student Voters Guide
Voting In College - Common FAQs
State-by-State Voter Registration Guide


In regards to Amendment 4, Gov. DeSantis signed SB 7066 on June 7, 2019. It became effective on July 7, 2019. Any petitions that were signed before July 7th don't have to be returned to the SOE within 30 days.

Voter Registration Application
: New required checkboxes will be added to "'clarify" if a person has been adjudicated guilty of a felony and if their rights were restored through executive clemency of pursuant to Amendment 4. You can see the new questions at LWVOC is checking with Orange County SOE office to determine if it will accept the previous form.

Election Date: The State Primary Election date has changed from 10 weeks before the General Election to 11 weeks before. The 2020 Primary Election will be on August 18. Note that this impacts qualifying dates.

Vote by Mail: The deadline for requesting mail-in ballots has been moved from 6 days before Election Day to 10 days before. Voters may pick up a mail in ballot, or designate someone to do it during the 9 days prior to Election Day. This is a change from 5 days.  If voters supply their phone number or email address, SOEs must call or text them to notify them that there is a problem with their signature. This is a change from only snail mail.
The deadline for receipt of a cured affidavit has been extended to 5 pm on the Thursday following the election.
The extended deadline is also true for Provisional Ballots, as well as being able to text or call a voter's cell phone.

Citizen Initiatives: People paid to collect signatures must register with the Florida Dept. of State. The Division of Elections will create a tracking system. Paid petition gatherers must witness the signed petition. Petition sponsors are prohibited from paying gatherers per signature. Signed petitions must be submitted within 30 days or the sponsor will be subject to fines. Remember, the League is not the sponsor.



A major priority of the LWVOC Voter Services Committee is to register voters and update contact information.  To do so with LWVOC, you must be certified to register voters with the League of Women Voters Florida.  Click the link above to check your certification, view the online training, and/or take the online certification test.  LWVOC always sends at least two volunteers per event/shift to register voters.  

If you are a member of LWVOC and would like to volunteer to register voters, please go to our VOLUNTEERING page to view opportunities and sign up.  To do so:

Log in as member
Hover over Member Toolkit

LWVOC Voter Registration Guidelines
  • To register voters with LWVOC, you must be a member of LWVOC and your certification must be up to date with the League of Women Voters Florida.  To be become certified, you must take the current training and pass the online test.  Members will be sent the password upon request.
  • When signing up for a shift, it is very important that you enter your cell phone number in case we need to contact you.
  • At least two LWVOC volunteers must be present to register voters and one must be an experienced volunteer.  If it your first-time registering voters, please let us know when you sign up for a shift so that we may partner you with an experienced volunteer.  You will receive onsite training.  After one training, you will then be considered an experienced volunteer.
  • If you are scheduled to work the first shift of the event, you may be asked to get the necessary materials from the storage facility and bring them.   Storage instructions can be found on the Voter Services online forum.
  • If you are scheduled to work the last shift of the event, you may be asked to pack up the materials and return them to the storage facility.  You may also be asked to turn in any registration forms collected to either the Supervisor of Elections office or make arrangements with Leah Nash, Chairperson of the Voter Services Committee.  Storage instructions can be found on the Voter Services online forum.
  • Make sure you know where the event is and allow enough time to get there on time and find parking.  
  • Most important:  Have fun and enjoy the event!  Thank you for helping.  

View our Voter Services volunteers in our Central Florida communities below.


Summer 2018 Voter Services Events

April Voter Services Events