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Education Committee

We study issues,  lobby legislators and school boards and take action to seek positive changes for our students.  Our research on funding, testing and the overall strength of Orange County's schools is invaluable as we also assist the county's educational leaders.

The committee has the advantage of having both seasoned and new members. The majority of our membership is alumni of OCPS. All members are advocates for a quality, fully funded public education for all students.
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The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. ~Erasmus

Education Committee Monthly Meetings
Due to Covid-19, in person meetings have been suspended.  Please contact Committee Chairs below for more information.

Contact Committee-Members Only

Become a committee member by contacting our Chairpersons Tricia Huder and Marilyn Hefferan HERE
Members ONLY:  Visit our Forum to stay up-to-date with our activities and announcements.
Our 2020-2021 Program Goals were reached after careful consideration at our Annual Meeting.

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Ongoing Efforts

April Hot Topics, SCHOOL DAZE: What proposed policies and changes mean for our schools, teachers and communities.

The recent Hot Topics luncheon successfully brought together our members and an expert panel to answer the questions we've been asking about changes in proposed education policy.

Read Dean Johnson's summary of the event HERE

Event photo album below:

Hot Topics, APR 2019, School Daze

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Florida League Education Positions and Action Issues 2018

The League of Women Voters Florida has SUED over the upcoming Education Amendment

Read complete story here.



The League Supports:

  • Free public schools under local control that are funded adequately by the state with equality of educational opportunity for all
  • No use of public funding for the expansion of private education through a voucher program
  • No unfunded mandates
  • High standards for teacher certification and compensation
  • School choice under controlled conditions determined by each district
  • Increased oversight of charter schools
  • Charter schools that fill unmet needs
  • Statewide educational standards
  • Policies that will provide accountability while enabling districts, schools, and teachers to have an active decision-making role in the education of students
  • State required assessments that apply to every student funded by public funds, attending public or private schools
  • Support for vocational-technical programs sufficiently funded in every district
*Source: LWVFL, Study and Action 2017-2019, p.39-46


Orlando Sentinel Series about private schools taking vouchers
Schools Without Rules

School Choice

FLORIDA Department of Education
School Choice