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Date: 3/17/2022
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

The League of Women Voters of Orange County has a history of more than 80 years in this community as an activist, grassroots organization whose members believe citizens should play a critical role in advocacy.  We do not endorse or oppose political candidates or parties at any level of government.  Our advocacy positions are based on the merits of each issue, after careful study and consensus.

Leaguers were busy on election day with "Adopt-a-Precinct."

On Election Day earlier this month, Leaguers staffed a precinct in Winter Park at St. Andrews Church. Shown left: Victor Collazo, Mary Montanus, Jillian Bello, Jennifer Adams, Louise Thompson, Jeanette Lambert, Terry Creighton and Carlos Loran. Shown above is the set up team of Kathy Roberts and Mike Singer.
Ready to be a hands-on volunteer for events like these?  Members should visit our website, log in and consider joining our Voter Services Committee and visit Volunteering Opportunities HERE

Make plans to spend tomorrow morning with our LWVFL President in Winter Park.

Take advantage of this opportunity to add a Harvard Case Study to your professional experience or personal development.

The LWVOC and OCPS are partnering again with Harvard University for a case study. Topic:  "Martin Luther King and the Struggle for Black Voting Rights."  To participate in this endeavor, you will be required to download the provided material upon registration and be ready to discuss the prepared questions/materials.  Click HERE for more details and register HERE for MAR 30 Case Study.
*Deadline to register is March 26

"Warriors" book is on the move!

The History Committee is sharing our story widely this spring, taking our history book, Warriors for Democracy, on the road with event presentations, book tables, and promotions.  Shown above left :The LWVOC partnered with the Orange County Regional History Center March 10 to honor Women’s History Month. Among those celebrating, l to r, were: Barbara Lanning-LWVOC Co-President, Lisa Adkins, Joan Erwin, Pam Schwartz (History Center Exec. Dir., Joy Dickinson, Ann Patton, and Virginia Meany.
Above right:  Warriors for Democracy books (click to purchase at newly discounted prices) were spotlighted March 12 at a book festival at First Congregational Church, Winter Park. LWVOC’s Barbara Liston, Ann Patton, and Joan Erwin joined Dr. Jack Lane in a panel discussion that featured stories drawn from our Warriors history book. (Anne Thomas photo)
History committee member and author of our Warriors for Democracy book, Ann Patton (shown above) participated recently in the presentation by the LWV Tri-County/Villages  "Uprooting Prejudice: Conversations for Change."    Watch it now on our YouTube Channel.

Celebrating New Members and our Special Membership Categories
This month, March, marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Harriet Tubman, and it is fitting that the League of Women Voters of Orange County is shining a light on the contributions of women who were trailblazers in fight for women’s rights. This month, we're featuring Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt, three amazing women who helped pave the way for equal rights for women. If you have not already done so, you also have the opportunity to honor one of these inspiring women by choosing a special membership category named in their honor as a Warrior for Democracy. Today we feature Susan B. Anthony, shown below.
Lisa Lippitt
Questions about joining or renewing?  Click here: Member Signup / Information
We also offer Gift Membership which is a great option for all gift-giving occasions.
Consider upgrading your membership to one of the "special" categories we offer, honoring those who have been trailblazers in the fight for democracy for all.

Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906), namesake of one of the Orange County League’s special membership categories, was the leading organizer of the early period of the women’s suffrage movement over more than 50 years.

Anthony fought for equal rights throughout her life, beginning with her successful crusade for the 13th Amendment that ended slavery. She and Elizabeth Cady Stanton formed several early women’s political organizations in the United States, such as the National Women's Suffrage Association, leading to a new generation of women leaders.

She also drafted a constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote, known as the Susan B. Anthony Amendment, which she and Stanton presented to Congress. Although she did not live to see its approval in 1920, Susan B. Anthony is considered the most important leader of the battle for the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote in the United States.

Did you join the LWVOC to be a hands-on volunteer?
You can help us with upcoming opportunities!
Simply log-in as a member on
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*Shown above, Lee Rambeau & Pat Grierson introducing the LWVOC to attendees of the OMA Art of the Diva event.

Orange County Mayor Launches Transportation Initiative Online and In Person

Resident Survey and Open Houses Will Gather Community Feedback on Transportation Needs

Newsletter Checklist:
  • Make plans to hear our LWVFL President, Cecile Scoon, speak tomorrow.
  • Consider upgrading your membership to one of our special categories honoring trailblazing women
  • We have a new YouTube video up with our own Ann Patton.  Tune in and subscribe to our channel.
  • Interested in learning via Harvard University?  Join us for a special case study MAR 30.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, you lucky Leaguer!