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CANDIDATE CONVERSATION August 16Attend a free community gathering to meet the Congressional Candidates of Districts 7, 9 & 10 MORE INFO HERE 

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Welcome to the League of Women Voters Orange County

Our Mission  is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government, to work towards increasing understanding of major public policy issues, and to influence public policy through education and advocacy.  Our Goal  is to empower citizens to shape better communities.



League and partners announce the launch of a new campaign to bring affordable solar to the Sunshine State and make Florida number one in solar power. 
The campaign also includes advice for voters this fall. The League has launched a YES/NO campaign on the two upcoming solar amendments based on the League’s long standing position of supporting solar expansion in our state. It urges any voter who supports solar to vote YES in August on Amendment 4, and NO in NO-Vember on Amendment 1.
Reminding voters to say No in NO-vember, is important says LWVF.
The new FL SUN partnership will give Floridians options on how to choose environmentally friendly energy sources whereas Amendment 1 will limit those choices.
“Experts tell us Florida’s sunshine gives it the potential to be among the top three states in America for solar power, and starting today, Floridians can start planning for the sun to help pay their electric bills,” President Pamela Goodman said.
The League has partnered with a new, but experienced group called FL SUN, which will organize solar co-ops to negotiate steep discounts on rooftop solar for homeowners across the state. The campaign will begin in key markets including Orange County, and St. Petersburg, with plans underway to quickly expand to Brevard and Volusia Counties, Sarasota, Alachua and many more.
Sarasota-based Gulf Coast Community Foundation, the state’s largest of its kind, was an early supporter, and CEO Mark Pritchett said: “We are excited about this creative free market approach, which places power in the hands of our Gulf Coast citizens.”
Florida's Waterway & Beach Nightmare

At the height of summer holiday season, residents

seek action, answers and change.
At play are many of the forces that define modern Florida: competing environmental, residential and agricultural interests, a failure by state officials to invest in managing the demands of growth, finger pointing between state and federal officials
The NY Times, July 1, 2016
STUART, Fla. — A rancid smell penetrated the front of Marisa and Duncan Baskin’s one-story house, which rests less than 100 feet from an inlet of the St. Lucie River in this tourist hamlet just inside the Atlantic coastline that bills itself as “America’s Happiest Seaside Town.”

But the Baskins — whose 22-month-old daughter, like Ms. Baskin, suffers from asthma — and their neighbors are not so happy these days. In the water of the inlet of their subdivision in Northriver Shores, an inch-thick layer of bubbling ooze and slime emits a stench so overwhelming that none of the neighbors go outside.

In fact, the Baskins were preparing Friday to stay with friends across town for the weekend just to get away from the green and blue algae bloom that has overtaken their small neighborhood marina, from which most neighbors have moved their boats.

“Our lives revolve around the water; we have a boat, surfboards, and there’s nothing really to do here without the water,” Ms. Baskin, 31, a lifelong resident of Stuart who works as a social worker at a local hospital, said Friday. “And I think our governor and local politicians are to blame. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but it’s definitely the worst.”

Congressional Races - Meet the Candidates

The League’s Aug. 10 Hot Topics luncheon (11:45 until 1:30) will feature primary candidates in U.S. House Districts 9 and 10, two of Central Florida’s hottest races. All candidates who qualified to run were invited to attend. The League is nonpartisan and does not support candidates or political parties.

As we have two races to cover, the program will begin earlier than usual at 11:45 AM and last until 1:30 PM.  Check in will start at 11:15 a.m. at the Sorosis Club, 501 East Livingston (downtown Orlando).  Contact Pat Grierson to reserve OR
Accepting our invitations to answer questions from journalist Michael Lafferty and League members are:

District 9 candidates -- Democrats Valleri Crabtree, Susannah Randolph, Darren Soto,

Republican candidates -- Wayne Liebnitzky and Wanda Rentas.

District 10 candidates -- Democrats Val Demings, Fatima Fahmy, Bob Poe and Geraldine Thompson.
Republican Candidate Thuy Lowe.

Tickets $25 members, $35 guests.





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We answer all pertinent voting questions with our Voters' Toolkit below and through BeReadyToVote. 

Rooted in our activism history, the League accepts modern day challenges with a strong stance on pertinent issues for our local community and state.

At 95 years young, we are a proven, trustworthy source on the issues; our efforts take us into all levels of government and business to share our knowledge and promote citizen participation.   

Join us as we TAKE ACTION and advocate for citizens and issues that confront us daily.


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From the beginning, the League has been an activist, grassroots organization whose leaders believed that citizens should play a critical role in advocacy.

It was then, and is now, a non-partisan organization and does not endorse or oppose political candidates or parties at any level of government.

Our advocacy positions are based on the merits of each issue, after careful study and consensus.

This is essence of the League; our identity is legitimacy and respect. READ MORE

Our community depends on talented leadership for effective governance. League members gain experience working on issues that influence public policy. We are afforded opportunities to meet with elected officials, organize publicized events, and speak in front of large groups.

Most valuable is the insight that comes through collaboration with our League members, many of whom are successful local leaders. 


The Orange County League is a distinct community of civic-minded people working to find pragmatic solutions to the problems of our time. 

We are not a single issue organization. From our inception, we have taken on issues that affect the well being of families and promote good governance. 

In doing so, our members gain meaningful and purposeful connections and friendships and in the process acquire social identity, legitimacy and respect.

As we grow, our influence grows. Today, the Orange County League is the largest League in the United States.

The charge of our committees is to explore options, seek truth, and come to consensus for the topic at hand.

It's easy to follow a particular passion by joining one of our COMMITTEESThe part you play in these interest groups can be as small or large as you prefer; diverse input makes for unbiased decisions as we consider our positions.

Communications---Education---Government---Gun Safety---Health Care---Immigration---Juvenile Justice---Membership---Natural Resources---Speakers Bureau---Transportation---Voter Services   

Voters' Toolkit

Everything you need to make your voice heard