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Natural Resources/Young Legal Eagles Report on Urgent Environmental Issues

Published on 11/25/2020
Young Legal Eagles Report on Urgent Environmental Issues

At our request, Barry Law School students have researched and are ready to report on the legal aspects of  four critically important environmental issues. Please join us for the presentation of their research at our Natural Resources Committee meeting on December 3.
The four issues to be addressed are:

1. How can we be best positioned to ensure that Conserv II’s permitting process protects water in the Wekiva springshed from excess nitrates?

2. What are the recycling issues with lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles and solar panels?   

3. How does the Home Rule Powers Act of 1973 align in priority with the Clean Waters Act of 2020, specifically as it relates to preempting Orange County Charter Amendment #1? What can the League do to protect our rights of Home Rule on environmental issues?  

4. Does Osceola County have standing to legally oppose Orange County Charter Amendment #2? What avenues does the League and other environmental groups have to oppose the CFX toll road through Split Oak Forest and implement Charter Amendment #2?

This Free Event will take place on December 3, 2020 at 6:30. Registration is required. Please RSVP to Kay Hudson at by Wednesday, December 2 to get an invitation to join the meeting.