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Sharing your thoughts with those elected to represent us at the local, state and national level is easy and vital to the functioning of our democracy. When an issue or legislation arises that you care deeply about, contact your representatives by email, phone or regular mail to ensure that your voice is heard.

Contact information for your national, state, and county elected officials here:
Elected Officials-Orange County Elections



Basic Tips For Communicating with Elected Officials

  • Email is now the preferred method of communication, but phone calls and letters are still effective.
  • Be courteous and to the point.
  • Keep letters to one page.
  • Describe specifically and in your own words how an issue or legislation will affect you or others you know.
  • Include the bill number or its popular name if you are commenting on specific legislation.
  • Be sure you give your name, address and email.
  • Give positive feedback. Take the time to also let representatives know when they have done something of which you particularly approve.
  • Remember, your elected officials represent you!
     You can find more tips HERE 

Getting a busy signal when you call Congress? Here's how to get through.

Amid a surge in Americans calling their senators and representatives – and often getting busy signals or full voicemail boxes – a new report sheds light on how best to target your advocacy. 

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