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It's Time for our Annual Meeting

Published on 4/18/2016

It's Time for the Annual Meeting

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening at the University Club in Winter Park for our Annual Meeting, the centerpiece of the year for your League! We'll elect new leadership, approve the 2016-17 budget and review next year's priorities.

Pamela Goodman, president of the state League, will be our guest speaker. She will talk about the past legislative session and the impact of redistricting as we move forward this election season.

The meeting is a great time to catch up with old friends, make new ones and let your voice be heard. Plus, there will be food and wine! The evening gets underway at 5:30 p.m.

Registration is closed, but if you can’t make it, you won’t be left out. Check back on our website and Facebook page for photos and more.

If you are attending, here’s a look at what’s in store . . .

Slate of Officers and Directors for 2016-17

Carol Davis 2016-17

Sara Isaac 2016-17

1st Vice President (1 yr) Maria Padilla 2016-17

2nd Vice President (2 yr) Leesa Bainbridge 2016-18

Secretary Taylor Schaefer 2016-18

Treasurer Leslie Feinberg 2016-18

ELECTED Directors/new 2-year terms

Karen Climer 2016-18

Barbara Granade 2016-18

Pat Grierson 2016-18

Theo Webster 2016-18

ELECTED Directors /Continuing to Serve Their Current Terms:

Terry Gillam 2015-17

Ann Hellmuth 2015-17

Barbara Knapp 2015-17

Andrea Kobrin 2015-17

New Nominating Committee Members 2016-17

Jane Lockett, Chair

Patti Brigham

Joan Erwin

Two Board members for the nominating committee to be selected by co-presidents after this election and confirmed by entire Board at May Board meeting.

The current nominating committee is: Chair Charley Williams and members Joan Erwin, Terry Gillam, Jane Lockett, Lynn Osgood and Jean Siegfried (ex officio).

Bios of First-Time Nominees

Maria Padilla (First VP)

Skills: Marketing, writing, editing, public relations, Hispanic outreach, blogging, general communications.

Background: Former editor, La Prensa (weekly); launched and was editor of the Orlando Sentinel's Spanish language weekly, El Sentinel; current contributor to the Orlando Sentinel's Central Florida 100, a group identified by the paper as the area's most influential people; author, Orlando Latino Blog; Seminole County poll worker since 2008; named one of "25 Influential Hispanics" in Central Florida in 2014 by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

League Experience: Carried LWVF Voter Guide in La Prensa 2010/12/14; provided Spanish translation for Voter Guide/Spanish Edition; carried more than 12 LWVF/Deirdre Macnab My Word Columns in La Prensa.

Leesa Bainbridge (Second VP)

Skills: Public relations, public speaking, social media, writing, editing, general communications.

Background: Former Communications Director for the Orange County Clerk of Courts, former Orlando Sentinel editor.

League Experience: LWVOC Communications Committee member; developed an updated media list; promotes League events through media outreach; writes reports of events for League website and Facebook page.

Taylor Schaefer (Secretary)

Skills: Writing, editing, research, online publishing, social activism, nonprofits.

Background: Candidate for UCF Master's Degree; contributor to the Huffington Post blog; marketing assistant at RSR Group; project manager for the nonprofit Save the Water Project, managing five writers and editors; research associate at Konflictcam, a new media site that chronicles global conflict; world traveler.

League Experience: LWVOC Communications Committee member; contributor to eVoter; researches and prepares a weekly list of possible links for Facebook.

Karen Climer (Elected Board Member)

Skills: Fundraising and grant writing experience, business and background in communications.

Background: A successful grant writing business. Understands and respects the volunteer environment. Focus on expanding membership in more diverse age and demographic areas. Has her own entertainment business.

League Experience: Interested in education, serves on Speakers Bureau and as a debate moderator.

Barbara Granade (Elected Board Member)

Skills: Event planning, attention to administrative details (reliable, great follow-up), phone banking, encouraging new members, persistence in recruiting, very involved.

Background: Retired after 30 years as travel agent in Orlando. Helped rejuvenate 100 Women Strong (a philanthropic giving circle) and serves on executive committee. Researches and vets nonprofit groups for Central Florida Foundation.

League Experience: Loves voter registration and advocacy on Gun Safety committee. Helper on Speakers Bureau. Membership check-in.

Theo Webster (Elected Board Member)

Skills: Consultant to the fine arts and not-for-profit area. Has conducted successful fundraising campaigns.

Background: Extensive experience in government, extensive networks throughout the community. Feels she can balance her beliefs with the nonpartisan policy of the league.

League Experience: Serves on Government Committee and works on Campaign Finance and Open Primaries Committees, assists with Hot Topics

Recommended Priorities - or Program - for 2016

The League Program is not events but positions the League has taken after study and consent by members. Your Orange County Program starts with YOU at our Annual Planning Meeting, which takes place in January. After acceptance by the board, Program is presented to and voted on by the membership at the Annual Meeting in April.


1. Inform members and the public about Florida Tax Credit Vouchers

2. Pair with Voter Services to educate groups with low voter percentages

3. React to Education Bills in the 2016-17 Legislature


1. Educate the minority and business communities on the importance of having comprehensive immigration reform as well as informed citizens

2. Advocate for passing comprehensive immigration reform

3. Educate the community on new anti-immigrant bills in this legislative session


1. To ensure an open and transparent government, oppose any legislative efforts to put restrictions on the Sunshine Law

2. Continue to monitor the Charter Review Commission and the Citizen’s Advisory Committee with our Observer Corps

3. Since this is an election year, complete pros and cons on all Orange County amendments

Natural Resources

1. Wekiva Springshed research

2. East of the Econ River development

3. Solar and clean energy advocacy

Voter Services

1. Increase our voter registration numbers by 20%

2. Complete our responsibility for the online Voter Guide

3. Expand voter education contacts


1. Dedicated, multiyear funding for regional transit (Lynx and SunRail)

2. Enhanced regional approach to transportation coordination, funding and planning

3. Expanded routers/services for both Lynx and SunRail

4. Enhanced bike and pedestrian safety

Gun Safety

1. Defeat campus carry

2. Defeat open carry

Social Policy

1. Expand health care coverage to low income, uninsured Floridians

2. Accept federal funding (Medicaid) to expand access and coverage

Juvenile Justice

1. Support actions that emphasize civil citations, rehabilitation and other alternatives to incarceration