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Date: 5/5/2022
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

The DEIA Committee would like to acknowledge Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month by sharing Orlando Mayor Dyer's Proclamation:
"Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is underway. Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders strengthen our city and make it more vibrant. This month we reaffirm our collective commitment to embracing inclusion and standing united against discrimination and hate."

Local Leaguers were among those making their voices heard at Tuesday's impromptu rally at City Hall, in response to the leaked Supreme Court opinion.  On right, Leaguers included Beth Coffey (r. front) Cody North (l. back) Ginger Mundy (middle back )
The LWV of Florida is hosting a special Zoom "Lunch & Learn" on Friday, May 6, 1pm with a Planned Parenthood representative, leaders with their Reproductive Health & Justice State Action team, other featured guests and state President Cecile Scoon.

The number of registrations show that it's the HOTTEST ticket in town so we've expanded availability!  
We are expecting a full house, so doors will open for lunch at 11 AM at our new Hot Topics home, the magnificent Winter Park Events Center with ample FREE parking and a beautiful setting shown right. Topics include:
  • Voter Registration & vote-by-mail
  • Drop boxes & early voting
  • Election police & line warming
  • Rules applicable to third-party organizations like us
  • Redistricting
 *Winter Park Events Center shown above/Photo courtesy Adjayhe Associates

Lora Vail
Rita Harris
Anissa Harris
Gregory Herbert
Sara Goodin
A hearty welcome to our newest members!
And since spring is the season of renewal, perhaps you should make sure your membership is up-to-date!?
Need a last minute Mother's Day gift?
JOIN us for this special event at the Winter Park Community Center
If you are a new member, or not a member, but interested to learn more about what the League has been doing in your community...
You don't want to miss this evening!
The Orange County League is one of the largest single-county Leagues in the US.  Join us for an evening of wine, refreshments and good conversation.  Get to know our leaders and hear about all that we do.
Find out what it means to be part of a community with influence!
Refreshments and abundant free parking available.  Women and men of all ages are welcome.  Admission is free.

Much appreciation to
for her generous donation to the LWVOC Fund.
Donations can be made "To honor, In memory, In tribute or recognition" etc. for a special someone.

Natural Resources Committee members were in attendance at the recent Barry University Environmental and Earth Law Clinic student presentation. Standing L to R> Mary Dipboye, Jim Erwin, Rachel Deming, Kay Hudson, Sharon Lynn, Leonard Mobley, Margaret Stewart, Val Mobley, Marty Sullivan  Sitting> Kim Buchheit, Joan Erwin
This was the first in-person meeting in over two years; shown above are the student lawyers presenting their research at the Environmental and Earth Law Clinic.
Shown above l. to r.-- Leaguers Rachel Deming and Natural Resources Chair Kay Hudson.  This was our final Environmental and Earth Law Clinic with Rachel as professor upon her retirement.  We are indebted to Rachel for the guidance she has provided her students as they have researched important issues that effect our community and the League’s environmental positions

Celebrate Mother's Day Weekend with a few "women warriors" at the glorious new Winter Park Library.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our Warriors for Democracy book (click to order)  is in the spotlight again. Writer’s Block bookstores are featuring our Warriors book and joining with LWVOC to sponsor a tribute to women’s rights and mothers.  Full story HERE.

 *Shown left, Emily Ayrigg, staffer at Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park, unloads a shipment of our “Warriors for Democracy” books for their Mother’s Day window display and sales promotion this spring

Volunteering Opportunity
The Adopt-A-Precinct (AAP) program is a community partnership initiated by the Supervisor of Elections.   Participating organizations “adopt” a precinct, or several precincts, during an election by providing the people to staff the polling place for that precinct. The Supervisor of Elections then writes a check to the organization, rather than paying the individual workers. The AAP program funnels tax dollars to AAP groups and back into the community through their efforts.
Continue reading HERE. Interested in volunteering?  Contact: Mary Montanus  

JUNE 23-26,  League of Women Voters National Convention in Denver, CO.
Interested in attending?  We have a limited number of scholarships to aid you in that endeavor.  

Newsletter Checklist:
  • Congrats to our Leaguer Rachel Deming on her retirement and much appreciation for her work with the Barry Law Students and our Natural Resources Committee.
  • Want to go to our National LWV Convention?  Stipends are available!  Details above.
  • Hot Topics luncheon seats are the hottest ticket in town.  Last call on registrations!
  • Need a gift idea for Mother's Day?  Take her to our event this weekend and consider buying her our "Warriors" book, a Gift Membership, or even donating in honor of MOM.
  • Yes, it's a very long newsletter but Leaguers are motivated to defend democracy so just keep scrolling....

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
The Education Committee is looking for local educators who would like to participate in this year's Harvard Case Method Civics Workshop, AUG 20.  All training, case materials, and ongoing teacher support is FREE.  Learn more HERE about nominating a local teacher.  Nomination deadline is JULY 10.

MEMBERS ONLY As we mentioned during our Annual Meeting, we are in the process of updating our online communications (website, email, social media, etc.) to better serve members as well as the general public. Our goal is to improve our messaging in order to inform members, empower voters and defend democracy. To help us better understand your needs and preferences, we've put together an anonymous survey. It should only take 3-4 minutes to complete. To get started, click the link:  LWVOC Communications Survey