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Date: 8/26/2021
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

A Message from the Co-Presidents Aug 2021

 Here we are in the dog days of August, sadly with a raging epidemic continuing in our state giving us all the feeling of a (very horrible) Groundhog Day.  Regardless of the circumstances, our work continues as it has for over 80 years, and we have plenty to keep us busy.  Here’s a quick rundown of items on our to-do list.

  1. Legislative Priorities. The process for submitting priorities to the state this year is somewhat different.We had already started down the road using our traditional process and had developed the following list:
    • Support retention of local government independence
    • Advocate for voters rights for all
    • Incentivize the transition to electric vehicles

    In the interim, the state revamped their procedure  so our new target date to submit is 9/20. If you are interested in hearing more about what people across the state are saying or have thoughts to share yourself there will be two opportunities:


    Registration Link to 9/1 @ 6 pm Evening Listening Session:

     Registration Link to 9/2 @ noon Lunchtime Listening Session:


  2. Redistricting and SB90. Good news to report here! The state Speaker’s Bureau (S.B.) PowerPoint presentations are nearly ready for primetime. The State will unveil the presentation to local S.B. members over the next few weeks and they will be released shortly after that. Our local committee will then make any needed modifications or additions for local consumption, and we will be ready to start accepting invitations to speak and educate our fellow citizens.


  3. Take a minute to celebrate Women’s Equality Day today (8/26). It marks a significant step forward for women, but we should remember it was not a universal step forward as black women struggled for the right to vote until the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. To celebrate the day consider patronizing a woman-owned business or mentoring another woman. You might want to consider donating to our League to show your support and to help continue the work started by our foremothers so many years ago. Whatever you do, don’t forget to acknowledge the great contributions each of you makes to empowering all voters!


It’s another great day in the history of the vote. On Aug. 26, 1920, the 19th amendment became official, ending the long battle for women’s suffrage in the U.S. (Aug. 18 marked the ratification of the 19th.) A few years earlier, in 1913, Orlandoans Mary Patterson, Jessie O’Neal, and Mary Safford announced the start of a local group to fight for the cause. In their honor and with gratitude, Leaguers and history fans recently placed flags and flowers at the graves of Patterson and O’Neal in Orlando’s Greenwood Cemetery (Safford is buried in Illinois). From left are Tana Porter, Holly Carpenter, Joy Dickinson, and Joan Erwin. Ann Patton snapped the photo. For more about Jessie O’Neal, visit   

#OTD   #onthisday   #19thamendment

The continuous struggle for women's participation and equality in all spheres of life and society is observed on Women’s Equality Day on August 26.  Our national League of Women Voters President, Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, has recorded a short Women's Equality Day speech via THIS LINK.
*The photo taken above by Andreas Volmer was at the planting of The Voter Tree in 2019.  Check out the information below as we return to celebrate on Oct. 24.

Join us to celebrate our precious right to vote.  1-4PM, Oct. 24 at The Voter Tree, Cypress Grove Park, 290 Holden Ave, Orlando.  NO Fee--all are welcome--family fun--BYOP (bring your own picnic) REGISTER HERE

 The Voter Services Committee has created a special Fact Sheet about SB90 elections bill that was signed by Gov. DeSantis in May 2021.  Click on the link to learn about the important points that our VS team feels voters should be aware of.
Interested in volunteering with them?  Find out more about their Conway Community Market opportunity.  
The LWVUS has been busy championing federal voting rights reform.  As the House has passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, they will be reaching out for your support as they urge the administration to uphold the promise of American democracy.  Check your "spam" email files to make sure you're not missing the LWVUS emails.

This week's webinar will feature a conversation surrounding local redistricting.  Much of our statewide organization's focus remains on our state legislative maps, but recognize that local redistricting often has just as large of an impact on individuals and families.
Discussion: What are the fundamental differences in redistricting at the state and local level?
Action: Find out how redistricting will be handled for your city/county and how you can be involved!
Open Q&A Session
LWVFL Updates & News
The LWVOC Government Committee has composed a Redistricting Outline/Info piece that will be helpful as you seek to understand the redistricting process in Florida.
 Of note is their LWVOC Action Plans...perhaps after reading the planned scope of their work, you'll be ready to join the group and participate in the valuable work of the League during this pivotal time.
The LWVOC Speaker's Bureau has received information about the State LWV PowerPoints on SB90 and Redistricting. Be on the lookout for an announcement about training sessions so we can present these PowerPoints to interested community groups. 
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Speaker's Bureau please send your contact information to Barbara and Sara at and we will make sure that you are notified of our upcoming training. 
If you are part of or know of a group in our community who would like to have a presentation by our Speakers Bureau please have them also contact us at

Questions about joining or renewing?  Click here: Member Signup / Information
We also offer Gift Membership which is a great option for all gift-giving occasions.

Saudi Ellis (shown above) made a generous donation to the LWVOC Fund In Memory of Penny Villegas who was a Peace and Justice Champion.  She was highlighted in last week's newsletter.
Donations are tax deductible.
They can be made "In honor" or "In Memoriam" of someone. 
 Click below and join others supporting the LWVOC

Newsletter Checklist:
  • Celebrate women today! Fight for equality everyday!
  • Lots of information ready for you to learn about SB90 and Redistricting
  • Advocate for voters and join our Voter Services team.
  • Save the date, OCT 24 for a special History Committee event

Orlando Urban Film Festival presents...Melanated Movies with a Message

Florida's COVID-19 numbers and hospitalizations continue their rise.  Utilize this information or pass it along:   Click HERE for Orange County vaccination sites and Pre-registration recommended but not required.
Also, click here for testing sites and COVID-19 for FAQs
Use social media to get the most up-to-date information about where/how/when to get vaccinated or tested.  Click HERE for Orange County Social Media links
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