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Date: 6/24/2021
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

Earlier this month, LWVOC was in attendance at the CFX (Central Florida Express) meeting on Brightline.  As a longtime proponent for effective mass transit as well as highspeed rail--LYNX, SunRail, and now Brightline, it was important that our views were voiced.  Shown above, Co-President Sue Gilman delivered our stance.  Also in attendance, Co-President Barbara Lanning and Transportation Chairperson, Theo Webster.  Click for our message: League letter to Mayor Dyer  
Learn more and get involved:  Transportation Committee 

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“The League of Women Voters supports legislation that strengthens our elections and increases voter participation so that every voice is heard in our democracy. We call on the Senate to work together to pass the For the People Act and find a solution for the American people.” - LWVUS CEO @KaseVirginia



We want to continue our Member Highlight feature but that means we need members to SUBMIT their information.  Our membership runs the gamut of age, race, and sex and we want to highlight as many of you as possible.  With the last year limiting our social/business gatherings, it's even more important that all of us get to know each other.
 Fill out the Member Highlight form and we'll take it from there!

As you know, due to COVID-19, it has been over a year since we have had a live Hot Topics, and we’re thinking our members and guests have missed it as much as we have. In the meantime we’ve had a good track record with holding Hot Topics via Zoom and live-streaming it on our Facebook page, but as the world is opening up, we are looking at our options for the rest of 2021 and the future. We need your thoughts and your opinions on our direction.
Please take our Hot Topics SURVEY and help us decide the path forward. 
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*Reminder, there is NOT a July Hot Topics.  See you again in August but until then, please take the survey about the future of Hot Topics luncheons.

Greetings to the newest members of the League of Women Voters Orange County!
Michael Stewart
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As with most groups during this pandemic, we've had to tighten our financial belts.  Eventually, we'll return to the events that help supplement our budget but until then, we're relying on your local dues (which are also split to pay state and national dues) and the generosity of your tax-deductible contributions.
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  • Enjoy the beauty of rainbow flags this month.  Happy Pride Month
  • July 27 is a good day to have a happy the date!

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