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Date: 5/20/2021
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

Remembering our LWVFL Biennial Convention 2017 with the new Board being's Convention time again JUNE 4-5.  Although all League members will be able to view portions of the convention, Orange County will also have 20 voting delegates.  We still have room for those of you who wish to be a voting member of this year's VIRTUAL convention.  What you will be voting on:  the state's budget and the slate for the new Board of Directors. 
 Contact Barbara Lanning to register as a convention voting delegate.  All voting delegates are required to pay a registration fee of $50 BUT don't let convention costs deter you.  We still have "scholarships" available!  2021 Convention Registration Reimbursement   Also, LWVFL Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis, contact their office for details at
*Shown below, our newly elected LWVOC  Board orientation with Sandi Vidal, former co-president and a Zoom capture by Carol Wonsavage.

As an LWVOC member, you're automatically a national League member.  And look what our League accomplished last year!  Read the FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE
If you're reading this as a League ally, consider JOINING US.   You can be part of our future impact on the local community, the state, and the nation!

Interested in protecting the Orlando Sentinel?  Sign the petition to protect community news HERE.
 Communities without newspapers see increased levels of waste and corruption in their local government, more partisan polarization, lower rates of voter participation, and fewer people seeking elected office. These are tangible harms to real people when important stories go untold, not just the people who subscribe to our papers, but also millions more of their neighbors
Orange County Elections Office Website Certified Accessible
The Orange County Supervisor of Elections office recently had their website certified accessible  by a third-party organization. The website was audited to make sure the content is accessible to  people with disabilities. “We are very happy to have made our website fully accessible,” said Bill Cowles, Orange  County Supervisor of Elections. “It is important that every voter – including voters with  disabilities – has access to the information they need to vote.”
For more information, visit or call the OC Supervisor of Elections at

This week's webinar will feature the Capitol Alliance Group (CAG).
We will welcome both Dr. Jeffery Sharkey (President & CEO ) and Lauren Gallo (Legislative Associate)from CAG to recap the work done on behalf of the League throughout the 2021 legislative session. CAG will also give a broad overview of this year's unique 60-day lawmaking period under the guise of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Discussion: 2021 legislative session overview (including wins for the League and reflections on our hardest fought battles)
Discussion: What to do in the "off season" when it comes to the Florida legislature and the League's advocacy
Q&A Session with Dr. Jeffery Sharkey, Lauren Gallo and Patricia Brigham

Next month's Hot Topics is already open for registration. Visit our Hot Topics page to learn more.

The School to Prison Pipeline: The intersection between the lack of mental health services and criminalizing our children


 Allison Kerestes
Michael Rizzo
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As with most groups during this pandemic, we've had to tighten our financial belts.  Eventually, we'll return to the events that help supplement our budget but until then, we're relying on your local dues (which are also split to pay state and national dues) and the generosity of your tax-deductible contributions.
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Newsletter Checklist:
  • The League makes an impact!  Be sure to read the impact report on Election year 2020
  • Need a spring gift idea...graduation, Father's Day, Memorial Day?  League memberships and contributions are two ways to give back and pay forward
  • Save the dates for next month's LWVFL Convention June 4-5 and consider becoming a Voting Delegate
  • Community event below

Just in case you're looking for a way to let others know that you're all VAXXED up!
 Each purchase supports the World Health Organization's Pandemic Relief Fund.

Half of the proceeds will be donated to the United Nation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, which raises money to track the spread of the virus, provide essential equipment for health care workers and fund research for treatment and other vaccinations.

Perhaps you've tuned in recently to events geared toward stopping the hate against AAPI.   LWV statement

"The League stands in solidarity with AAPI communities. We are committed to listening to and amplifying AAPI voices and educating ourselves on the historic and ongoing systemic racism that plagues this country so that we can be better allies. 

“We urge our followers to do the same, and to call on elected and appointed officials at all levels of government to demonstrate their commitment to keeping ALL communities safe. There can be no liberty in the face of racist and xenophobic violence.”

Enjoy celebrating the community's heritage in May as well as standing against hate against AAPI.
From NEWS 6--

"Traces of Central Florida’s great and diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander population can be found everywhere—in our restaurants, businesses, college campuses and government offices.

From U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, the first Vietnamese American elected to Congress, to JEFRË, a Filipino American artist crafting award-winning pieces in Orlando, to Johnny Nguyen, a Kennedy Space Center lunar station engineer born to Vietnamese refugees, there is no shortage of Asian American and Pacific Islander stories our community can tell."Continue reading HERE