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Date: 4/22/2021
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

The LWVOC and LWVFL are Community Supporters of this very important event.  Please join us on Wed, April 28:  Quick Link to Event Details and Signup

Enjoy this beautiful EARTH DAY in central Florida!  Click here Natural Resources Committee and get involved with our LWVOC committee.   Here's a fun Google doodle for your enjoyment and a link to the official Earth Day 2021 website. 
See you tonight at the Annual Meeting, 6:00PM

This week's webinar will feature Ellen Freidin who will discuss the upcoming redistricting process as we inch towards the release of census data and apportionment of congressional seats.  Ellen, a game changer for Florida, is a constitutional attorney and the leader of FairDistricts Now, a successful 2010 citizens’ initiative to outlaw gerrymandering. 
Discussion: What lies ahead in Florida when it comes to redistricting? What is different from the last redistricting cycle? How do League members (and citizens) get involved?
Q&A Session with Ellen Freidin and Patricia Brigham
LWVFL Updates & News
*Make note below that next week is the national PEOPLE POWERED FAIR MAPS day on April 29th.

On this day, Leagues across the nation will host events designed to educate people about the decennial redistricting process and empower them to get involved.

Fair maps are an integral facet of the League’s work; so much so that almost two yearago, we launched our People Powered Fair Maps program.  PPFM focuses on the creation of fair and transparent redistricting processes that eliminate partisan and racial gerrymandering across our communities.

The 2021 redistricting process holds a special importance in the wake of Ruchov. Common Causewhich ruled that states could make their own determinations about gerrymandering practices (rather than having to adhere to federal standards). It will also be the first redistricting cycle to occur without the protections of the Voting Rights Act.  Despite these challenges, the League is  dedicated to keeping power in the hands of the people, not politicians, and looks forward to engaging people in this crucial part of the democratic process.

Jeff Matz
Curtis Hunter
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Newsletter Checklist:
  • See you tonight at the Annual Meeting, 6PM
  • Get involved with our Natural Resources Committee who celebrate the earth daily!
  • Join us for next week's important AAPI presentation.

Register now for next month's Hot Topics:
This month's event is now posted on our YouTube channel.  Be sure to subscribe!

Looking for a new spring read?  Our DEI Committee has shared this cool festival.  Remember how much fun it was to go to the Book Fair in school?  Do it online as an adult! - April 24. The 2nd Annual National Antiracist Book Festival sponsored by the BU Center for Antiracist Research. Many best-selling authors, including Ibram X. Kendi, Brittney Cooper, Eddie S. Glaude Jr., and Heather McGhee, will be featured. This is an all-day event. Full registration is expensive, but note that tickets can be purchased for individual talks (at about $10 each)
*Another update from DEI concerns the April webinar from LWVUS.  Its date conflicts with our Annual Meeting on the 22nd, but it will be recorded with materials available for sharing.  April Webinar: Applying a DEI Lens to Data Collection

Join us and guest presenter Amilcar Guzman, Ph.D., LWVUS Director of Outcomes and Evaluations, for our April webinar. We’ll discuss the importance of demographic information collection and best practices for collecting it. The webinar is on April 22, at 7pm ET. Register now!