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Date: 1/28/2021
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

Don't miss today's Hot Topics at 12PM ~ Healing our Communities.  Register for this NO FEE event below, noting that it will click through to the LWV of Seminole County site.
Our topic is Healing Our Communities which given the racial, social and political divides that became more apparent than ever in 2020, is a topic that could not be of greater importance or more timely.

Our panelists are Dr. Thomas Bryer of UCF (below left) and Liz Joiner of the Village Square (below right.) Dr. Bryer has done extensive research in the areas of public participation and collaboration across segments of society, including government, nonprofit, private, faith-based, and voluntary sectors.  Ms. Joiner is founder and CEO of the Village Square.  The Village Square is a non-partisan public educational forum on matters of local, state and national importance.  The organization believes in the power of dialogue and disagreement. It spearheads a variety of programming centered around civility and community-building (especially among political opposites)

As you can see above (screenshots by Carol Wonsavage,) we had a great turnout for our Annual Planning Meeting.  Besides 2020 success updates from our Committees, we also broke into groups and discussed possible priorities for our program in 2021-22.
2021 PROGRAM PLANNING PRIORITIES to be voted upon by members only during our spring Annual Meeting

1. PANDEMIC FALLOUT. Educate and advocate for essential COVID-19 resources, including vaccinations, economic assistance, education support, and mental health services. (37 votes)

2. CLIMATE CRISIS. Advocate for local initiatives to slow climate change, such as alternative energy, electric vehicles, and smart buildings (36 votes)

3. CIVICS EDUCATION. Educate local children and adults about their citizen rights, responsibilities, and government. (25 votes)

4. YOUTH ARRESTS AND BAKER ACTS. Advocate for reducing youth arrests and Baker Act detentions for Orange County Public Schools students. (24 votes)

5. UNDERREPRESENTED VOTERS. Concentrate voter registration, education, and turnout in underserved and underrepresented Central Florida communities. (22 votes)

6. PUBLIC EDUCATION FUNDING. Advocate for increased funding for high-quality early learning programs and K12 public education and oppose expansion of voucher programs. (22 votes)

*Priorities 5 and 6 tied for 5th place.

 The webinar will be focused on the Florida's HB 1 & SB 484. These pieces of legislation politicize the right to protest and disregard the protections provided by the First Amendment.
We will welcome Kara Gross who serves as Legislative Director and Senior Policy Counsel of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida (ACLU of Florida) to discuss these detrimental pieces of legislation
League of Women Voters of Florida Volunteer Opportunity~Returning Citizens
A new volunteer opportunity from the LWVFL to assist Returning Citizens. It begins tomorrow, Thu 1/28/21. This new phone-banking campaign is a follow-up from our election outreach to register and turn out the vote for Returning Citizens.  We want to know how to best continue to support these voters in the coming years.  Here is a copy of the survey so you can see what we are asking.

We're planning a phone-banking campaign that will begin this Thursday. We know this is short notice, but we need at least 10 volunteers to begin. If you're interested in participating in this, or other texting opportunities in 2021, please fill out our new form!

Welcome: Arieana Dunne
 Who's missing here?  Your friend, your colleague, your family member!
Encourage any students you know to join as their membership is free!
And don't forget to renew your own membership!
The Nominating Committee is hard at work setting the slate for the next Board of Directors. If you would be interested in serving on the Board or know someone who would make a great addition please contact Nominating Committee Chair, Sara Rich at
Find out more about our current Board (shown above at this week's Board of Directors meeting) HERE and envision yourself in a leadership role for 2021-2022.

Get started on your 2021 resolutions!  You'll need to have active membership to sign up for certain events and to participate as we choose our upcoming program of activism.
If your membership has lapsed, log in and RENEW your Membership
FREE membership for all students!!
And don't forget, men make up a sizeable % of our League.  Encourage the men in your life to join us.

Thank you for your generous donation to our LWVOC Fund:
Marilyn Baldwin
There's much to be done in 2021 and we appreciate all donations to our tax-deductible fund.  You can also choose to make a contribution "In honor" or "In memory of" someone.

Newsletter Checklist:
  • HOT Topics is today at 12PM
  • Check out our new DEI Committee, chaired by Alisha Taylor
  • Remember to renew your membership because...
  • There's much to be done in 2021!!