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Date: 11/5/2020
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

HOT TOPICS @home continues next week!  NO FEE

In the last 15 years the US has lost more than 1 in 5 local papers.  Florida has lost at least 4 to closings and 4 more were changed to a weekly version.  In a cost saving measure, the Orlando Sentinel and Sun Sentinel in South Florida have partially merged management and reporting staff.  The Sentinel recently gave up their downtown presence entirely, vacating their longtime headquarters.  What do these closings and consolidations mean for our local news coverage and how will this impact citizens ability to hold local & state governments accountable? 
Join Moderator Rick Edmonds, media business analyst and Leader of News Transformation from the Poynter Institute, and panelists:  journalist Mary Ellen Klas of the Miami Herald and Rick Brunson, Senior Instructor at Nicholson School of Communication & Media at UCF and veteran Central Florida journalist. 

 The League of Women Voters Orange County and community partners will be cleaning up post-election.  Read the


 Residents, candidates, political parties and campaigns are encouraged to gather plastic signs from roadsides, polling sites, and their front yards between November 4 and November 22. Collection crates are set up and ready to receive signs in three Winter Park locations and 2 Orlando locations. 

 1. Cady Way Trail by the pool at 2525 Cady Way

2. The Community Garden at Mead Botanical Garden at 1300 South Denning Drive

3. Winter Park Fire-Rescue Station 64 at 1439 Howell Branch Road
4. First Unitarian Church of Orlando 1901 E. Robinson Street Orlando
5. Broadway United Methodist Church 406 E. Amelia Street Orlando 

 A mountain of plastic signs will be saved from the landfill and transported to NuCycle Energy in Plant City where they will be transformed from bulky plastic sheets to NuCycle's Enviro Fuelcubes.  Continue your volunteerism.  Contact Kay Hudson for more information.
 Shown left-Helen Foster, below left-new member Susan Bursuk "A tidy job site is a happy job site."

We invite you to join us Tuesday, November 10 to recognize our election warriors (YOU!) and debrief the November 3rd election. We are hopeful that by then, we will know where we stand—President, US Senate and House, Florida legislature, local elections, and amendments—or what additional work we must gear up to do. Let’s Zoom together and share stories, anecdotes, crises, and observations. Our election leaders will kick us off. We need this and we should take time to appreciate our work and acknowledge what we have experienced and learned in this momentous year 2020.

 Please take a well-earned rest after this election marathon and mark your calendars for 6-7:30 PM, Tuesday, November 10 for LWVOC Election 2020 Debrief. Follow the link to register and then receive the Zoom login info—all members (826 as of today) and friends of the League are welcome.
 PLEASE NOTE REVISED LINK. (Please re-register at this link if you used the previous distributed link)

Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

From years past to now, League volunteers have stepped up to Adopt-A-Precinct.  This election, we staffed FOUR precincts!  Running this again because THANK YOU seems so small for what all of you did.  Special thanks to Mary Montanus who has organized these patriotic volunteers.
POLL WORKERS:  Sue Gilman, Angela Schweers, Maureen Sullivan, Barbara Lanning, Victor Collazo, Stacey Prakash, Mary Beth Strassel, Jennifer Adams, Chuck Wohlust, Julia Carpenter, Jim Washburn, Kathy Roberts, Maria-Elena Augustin, Louise Thompson, Judi Sanborn, Margie Varney, Julia High, Flora Torra, Melissa King-Polsinelli, Emma Starling, David Luna, Karin Grossman, Marisol Gomez, Pam Saffran, Dede Caron, Leslie Becker, Leslie Feinberg, Carlos Loran, Jillian Bello, Karen Estrin, Sylvia McMillon, Nancy Nix, Linda Dalton, Terry Osborn, Lisa Poppe, Jeanette Lambert, Saudi Ellis, Lynne Mixson, Catherine Arthur-Hirschen, Ellen Kristensen, Claudia Nunn, Jennifer Finkey-Hermann, Sean Odonell, Raquel Lange, Mauricio Ferero (non-member)
Anna Boyd, Suveda Ramakrishna
Sara Libre, Terry Gillam, Lynn Nelson, Sarah Sprinkel, Chele Hipp, Garrett Walker, Lee Rambeau, Jean and Frank Anderson, Mike Singer

Angelina Sosa

Dr. Susan Cheatham

Valda Branch-Duncan

 *Remember, students join for free!
Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to JOIN US 

League Orientation:  OPEN to all members, new-renewing-active, who want to learn about or be reacquainted with the League.  Our membership has grown substantially and our committees are eager to help you find your niche.  Join us for our Autumn New/Current Member Orientation, click here for more info:
Patti Brigham, LWV Florida President will be our guest speaker!
Meet our leaders; learn about all the League does for our community and how you can join in on our activities.

Newsletter Checklist
  • The peak of DemoCRAZY season is here...and won't go away....
  • We hope our Voter Services team is taking a well deserved rest!
  • Time to tidy up.  Let's recycle those campaign signs. 
  • November Hot Topics registration is now open and it's FREE!