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Date: 10/15/2020
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

19 Days to Make a Difference
The Florida Election Protection Coalition is asking for volunteers to participate in the Election Protection Poll Monitor Program, either in a county leadership role and/or by assisting in volunteer recruitment. Those interested in volunteering may sign up at If you are interested in a leadership role, please let Leah Nash know and she will put you in touch with our contact.

The League’s endorsement of all three Orange County Charter Amendments gives us an urgent reason to help Get Out The Vote this weekend! Early Voting starts on Monday so NOW is the time to come out and RALLY the forces!  Choose from two outdoor events; one that’s an opportunity to help Early Voters find their way to the polls while the other encourages a Yes! Vote for all 3 Charter Amendments! We’ll be following social distancing guidelines and the weather is going to be ideal! Come to one or come to both, but please come. Enthusiasm is contagious and yours is needed!  
Saturday, 10/17, Mead Gardens Plant Sale, 9:00-3:00 hours at our League tent for GOTV.  If you can join us at the League's tent & GOTV table, please let Kay Hudson (407-432-2364) know what time you have to share.
Sunday,   10/18, arrive at 2 pm at the Holden Heights Community Center, 1201 W. 20th Street, Orlando, FL 32805 and end at Broken Strings Brewery
Thursday 10/24, arrive at 2 pm at 684 S. Goldenrod Road and end at Castle Church Brewery
The Voter Services Committee will be launching a texting project during Early Voting.  Our target dates for our campaigns are Oct. 19 and Oct. 25, and each date we will be texting approximately 15,000 18-30 year olds who have not already voted in this election.  We chose this age group because it has the lowest voter turnout. We will be using the same platform that we used to help with the Census Counts texting efforts, so those of you who have already texted through this platform will be familiar with it.  For those of you who have not and who would like to participate, I encourage you to do one of the new texter trainings (live training, videos, or slideshow) Click HERE for training.  You will not be using your phone or its number, and texting is most easily done on your computer. Texting is easy to do and we can reach a lot of voters!  Join us!  Visit our Volunteering Page for more opportunities.
IMPORTANT REMINDER:  If you see Election Day intimidation, please call 911 and/or 866.OUR.VOTE (866-687-8683) to report it.  In Florida, it is illegal to carry arms openly.  This is for the safety of our citizens.

“Power of One” LWVOC volunteer inspires a pyramid of 286 committed voters

“Jim is a model for all of us to see first-hand the power of one,” said Mary Lou Basham, Grassroots & Religious Organizations chair. “He’s one of our many members who are walking the talk with a true grassroots spirit. He puts the grass in grassroots.” 

In this era of the pandemic, the project works entirely by text and telephone, Gantt said. When life allows, he likes to canvass in person but, face-to-face or not, he has some advice for others working to empower voters.

“You have to meet people where they are,” he said, “and reach out to people in terms they can understand and relate to. Many people don’t understand about voting, and you have to be patient as they learn.”  Continue reading HERE  by Ann Patton and Anh Volmer

Much appreciation to the many Leaguers and friends of the League who have responded to our call for donations.  These much needed tax-deductible donations will help us educate and empower voters, especially during these last few weeks leading up to the NOV 3 election.  HURRAH to the following for their generous donations to the League of Women Voters Orange County Fund:
  • Hope Winsborough, generous donation 
  • Karen Castol Dentel, generous donation
  • Kerri Rossi, generous donation
 Remember, your generosity can be made "to honor" or be "in memory" of someone, a group, etc.  Interested in learning about our long history of dedicated members and League partners who have helped us advance our community goals?  Consider purchasing our 80th Anniversary book, Warriors for Democracy:  Purchase HERE

Three of our own smart LWVOC aces took a look at the three Charter Review Commission proposals that appear on this year’s Orange County ballot. Rachel Deming, Angela Melvin and Kay Hudson discussed the two environmental issues and a third on citizen ballot initiatives at Wednesday’s virtual Hot Topics.  If you haven’t voted yet, listen up. The Orange County Charter Review Commission meets every four years to see if changes need to be made. For the 2020 election, members came up with these three amendments:  Continue reading HERE  Visit our  Amendments Guide for more information.


OUC to wipe out carbon emissions by switching from coal to natural gas, solar energy
In August 2017, our own Leaguer, former Co-President Sara Isaac, applauded OUC's efforts, coordinating with the First 50 Coalition (shown above) they've PERSISTED to see the following come about with yesterday's announcement::
 "OUC management has recommended that OUC significantly reduce our use of coal no later than 2025 and eliminate it no later than 2027. If approved, Stanton Energy Center’s two coal-fired plants would be converted to natural gas as a bridge technology while OUC makes the transition to solar as its main source of clean energy. This proposed conversion in energy resources would support OUC’s strategic plan to reach a goal of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050, as well as achieve interim targets of 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040 compared with 2005 levels. Our plan also aligns with Mayor Buddy Dyer’s aspirational proclamation of transitioning Orlando to 100% renewable energy by 2050."

 And no doubt, the First 50 Coalition will continue its efforts to push for elimination of all fossil fuels including fracked gas, etc.
Just out this morning from 3 Florida mayors (Orlando, Tampa, Miami) Florida's cities can't fight climate change alone

This week's webinar will feature Ryan Snow from the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.  The Lawyer' Committee is the parent organization of the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition which both LWVUS and LWVFL are members of.  The Election Protection coalition puts forth the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline the League utilizes and often helps staff in election years.
Discussion: Scenario planning for election-related issues pertaining to the 2020 General Election both on and prior to Election Day
Q&A Session with Ryan Snow and LWVFL President Patricia Brigham
LWVFL Updates & News

OCTOBER 24 is the LAST day to request a Vote-by-Mail ballot.  These ballots can be mailed OR dropped off at a supervised ballot box at early voting sites as well as the SOE office.
VOLUNTEER anywhere and anytime virtually!  Use your social media savvy with our campaign of "SHARING IS CARING"
Get clicking and share the graphics below!
For other opportunities,

Judith Blanchard
Deborah Hunt
Jaliyah Francois
Jim Braswell
John Peros
Taylor Morrow
Beth Marshall
Chris Foster

 *Remember, students join for free!
Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to JOIN US 

Fall New Member Orientation, click here for more info:
Patti Brigham, LWV Florida President will be our guest speaker!
Meet our leaders; learn about all the League does for our community and how you can join in on our activities.

The Mennello Museum of American Art, a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum, is delighted to share the Smithsonian's virtual and poster traveling exhibition entitled Votes For Women: A Portrait Of Persistence on the occasion of the 100th year of the 19th amendment providing voting rights for women. The in-person, free exhibition of posters is featured on the Mennello Museum's front porch beginning now through election day, November 3. Visit them during museum open hours, Tuesdays - Sundays, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. (weather permitting). The virtual exhibition is also available online through November 2020. Join us as we stroll through 100 pivotal years of suffrage.

Newsletter Checklist
  • Volunteers wanted!  Find your niche and join in defending our democracy.
  • Requested your VBM ballot yet?  Oct 24 is the last day for requests.
  • The First 50 Coalition and their efforts deserve a loud round of applause!
  • Check out the upcoming community events happening in Orange County.  
  • Encourage everyone you know to fill out their Census forms before the end of the day.

Don’t be tardee for the partee!
One night only — Oct 21, 7:30 pm.
TICKETS at  — $25 per household or viewing platform.
Think of it as date night, with the best seats in YOUR house.
Is the unabashed pressure of election year taking its toll?
Do your pets give you wide clearance (even when you have food in hand??)
Don’t despair.
We’ve got a blood pressure break on tap. Join us—with two of Florida’s favorite sons: Carl Hiaason and Dave Barry- unfiltered and unmoderated—for this virtual hour of hilarity day before we start counting ballots.
Your participation supports our Florida First Amendment Foundation: Protecting your right to know for over 30 years.
When you support us, you support you.