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Date: 10/8/2020
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

Orange County Charter Amendments

For those of you doing November ballot research, the Hot Topics team is delighted to showcase LWVOC subject matter experts on October 14th explaining the review process and pros and cons of the respective proposed amendments to the Orange County Charter.  

Our panelists will include Charter Review Commission members and those with specific knowledge of the underlying issues.  Our Co-President, Gloria Pickar, will serve as moderator and she will guide discussion with panelists including Carol Fogelsong, Angela Melvin and Kay Hudson. (shown above)

View our Amendments Guide for more information.

In this very peculiar election year, the Orange County Charter Amendments are providing us with an opportunity to come together, get outside and rally the public to vote and Vote Early.

On Sunday, Oct. 4, dozens of Leaguers and friends traveled to locations throughout the county honking horns, shooting billion of bubbles and, generally, raising a ruckus and awareness to the importance of Voting early in this election. At each location, we greeted passers-by with signs supporting the charter amendments & the Vote Early message.

We had such a good time and reached so many voters that two more sign-waving cavalcades are planned. Please Save The Date for October 18 and/or October 24 and look for more news to come.

Much appreciation to the many Leaguers and friends of the League who have responded to the "Donations" letter from our Co-Presidents, Gloria Pickar and Sandi Vidal.  These much needed tax-deductible donations will help us educate and empower voters, especially during these last few weeks leading up to the NOV 3 election.  HURRAH to the following for their generous donations to the League of Women Voters Orange County Fund:
  • Patricia Ramsey, generous donation
  • Carmen L. Torres, generous donation in memory of all those who have come before and who have left us
  • Judy Wood, generous donation in gratitude to the League of Women Voters
  • Deborah A. Dennard, generous donation
  • Bobbie Peel, generous donation
  • Christine Kelly Bramuchi, generous donation in loving memory of Carol Davis
  • Karen Ramberg, generous donation in honor of Phyllis Ramberg
  • Therese Osborne, generous donation in honor of her amazing mother Rae Delfosse
  • Linda Manzonelli, generous donation
  • Alisha N. Taylor, generous donation with thanks to the LWVOC-keep up the good work!
  •  Kathy Sheerin, generous donation in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment
  • Louise F. Thompson, generous donation in appreciation for all the hard work put forth by the LWV

TODAY--OCT 8, there are 4 events worthy of your attention.  They begin at 4:30 this afternoon and end at 9:00 PM.  
 Redistricting is one of the most consequential processes we have for maintaining and securing our democracy—yet, many people do not realize the power they have to be involved. Join us on October 8 at 7 pm ET for a Facebook Live event about the intersection of systemic racism, voter suppression, and gerrymandering and highlighting our campaign for People Powered Fair Maps.

On Thursday, October 8th, at 6:00 p.m. (ET) the League of Women Voters of Florida will host an All Member Zoom Call.

This call will help address the doubts that have been cast on our election process and the steps the state League is prepared to take if any irregularities occur on or before election day.

We will also highlight various scenarios that may occur during this election cycle and how they should potentially be addressed. State President Patricia Brigham will also conclude with an important message.

Please join us. The meeting will be hosted via Zoom at 6:00 p.m. (ET)  Click HERE to register. 
This afternoon, OCT 8, 4:30-5:30 PM
The LWVUS Communications Team will host a messaging webinar this Thursday on election messaging and we encourage any public facing League leader to tune in!
You can register here:
Time & Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2020 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM EDT
If you can not attend, still register and you'll get an email with the recording.
Since many of you do media interviews, we here at the State HQ thought this would be great info to have as we gear up closer to the election.

Tonight, OCT 8, 8:00pm, the Commission on Local Debates presents the candidates for School Board District 5:
Vicki-Elaine Felder and Michael Scott
Tune in using the links below:

Drive-by Ballot Boxes Offer Another Safe Voting Option by Ann Patton
I recently had the good luck to visit with Bill Cowles, the seasoned Orange County Supervisor of Elections, and to tour his mail-in voting system, a combination of manpower and machines in a sprawling warehouse at 119 W. Kaley St. in Orlando.
I wanted to learn more about a new option for using drive-by drop boxes to return your ballot.
State law now allows for drop boxes at early voting sites, so a voter can deposit his or her completed vote-by-mail ballot in a secured drop box, rather than returning it by mail — important in this pandemic era of confusion about voting and the post office.
Purchase Warriors for Democracy book written by Ann.
We've launched our “100 Days to The Vote” campaign, with daily social-media posts featuring fascinating nuggets (including about the election) about the suffragists and the achievements of women in the century since 1920, both nationally and in Central Florida, FACEBOOK  and on Instagram @LWVOC
Our 100 Days celebration continues until November 3, the Election Day that marks 100 years since the first time women across the nation could participate in our democracy.

Shown above, Leaguers, families and volunteers at the GOTV/census event at the Wellbourne Nursery this week.  Essential worker families whose children attend Wellbourne were able to conveniently and quickly respond to the 2020 Census and take advantage of the last day to register-to-vote for the 2020 election.  Tune into Friday's event below to learn more about GOTV activities.
This week's webinar will feature representatives from Vote Tripling.
Vote Tripling ( will join us to discuss a data-backed get-out-the-vote (often dubbed GOTV) effort that League members can participate in this election cycle.
Register below to join us at 1:00 p.m. (ET) on Friday, October 9th.
 Feature Presentation : What is Vote Tripling?
Discussion: How can the League put Vote Tripling to use?
Q&A Session with Vote Tripling Representatives and Patricia Brigham
LWVFL Updates & News

Calling all volunteers!  The Voter Services Committee will be launching a texting project during Early Voting.  Our target dates for our campaigns are Oct. 19 and Oct. 25, and each date we will be texting approximately 15,000 18-30 year olds who have not already voted in this election.  We chose this age group because it has the lowest voter turnout. We will be using the same platform that we used to help with the Census Counts texting efforts, so those of you who have already texted through this platform will be familiar with it.  For those of you who have not and who would like to participate, I encourage you to do one of the new texter trainings (live training, videos, or slideshow) Click HERE for training.  You will not be using your phone or its number, and texting is most easily done on your computer. Texting is easy to do and we can reach a lot of voters!  Join us!  Visit our Volunteering Page for more opportunities.

VOLUNTEER anywhere and anytime virtually!  Use your social media savvy with our campaign of "SHARING IS CARING"
Get clicking and share the graphics below!
For other opportunities,

Tammy Kaleel
Lisa Rain
Karolyn Campbell
Charlotte Campbell
Marisol Gomez
Alexandrea Beemer
Judith Fennessy

 *Remember, students join for free!
Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to JOIN US 

If you've gotten this far, you must like our content!  Our committee chairs and board members provide a lot of this information BUT we're always looking for good writers and graphic artists who want to volunteer their talents to the LWVOC.  
Contact our Communications Chairperson, Susan Baxter, if you're interested in joining the team...just put "Communications Volunteer" in the subject line to catch her attention.
Newsletter Checklist
  • Registration is open for OCT 14 Hot Topics, OC Charter Amendments
  • Schedule your afternoon and evening accordingly TODAY...webinars start at 4:30 and go until 9pm
  • Requested your VBM ballot yet?  Oct 24 is the last day for requests.
  • Are you following us on social media?  Find us @LWVOC on Facebook and Instagram as well as YouTube and Twitter
  • Check out more community events happening below.

Don’t be tardee for the partee!
One night only — Oct 21, 7:30 pm.
TICKETS at  — $25 per household or viewing platform.
Think of it as date night, with the best seats in YOUR house.
Is the unabashed pressure of election year taking its toll?
Do your pets give you wide clearance (even when you have food in hand??)
Don’t despair.
We’ve got a blood pressure break on tap. Join us—with two of Florida’s favorite sons: Carl Hiaason and Dave Barry- unfiltered and unmoderated—for this virtual hour of hilarity day before we start counting ballots.
Your participation supports our Florida First Amendment Foundation: Protecting your right to know for over 30 years.
When you support us, you support you.

#VOTES4ALL is the name of three identical interactive programs presented by Valencia's Peace and Justice Institute and LWVOC at 6 pm on October 14.  Inspired by the role of voting in the Ocoee Massacre, the virtual sessions describe the history of voter suppression in central Florida as it relates to gender and race.  It's free and meaningful to realize the truths of the continuing struggles and discuss in small break-out groups.  Choose one of the three and register here:  #Votes4ALL