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Date: 8/27/2020
Subject: LWVOC Newsletter & Events
From: Lisa K Adkins

The City of Orlando's Centennial lighting of the Lake Eola Fountain Tuesday night drew a cluster of "suffragists" celebrating women's right to vote and championing the importance of voting. They are members of the League of Women Voters of Orange County, dressed as the suffragists who won the right for women to vote a hundred years ago Wednesday, August 26.  The group included Linda Chapin, former Orange County Mayor and the League's Centennial chair; Dr. Gloria Pickar, League co-president; and "Susan B. Anthony," re-enacted by Dr. Betsy Fulmer.  Lights at Lake Eola, City Hall, DPAC, and Orlando Reperatory Theater shone purple and gold Tuesday and Wednesday nights in celebration of this week's Centennial of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

A Letter to my Granddaughters on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment" by Linda Chapin, chair of our LWVOC Centennial Committee and first elected chair (a post renamed Mayor) of the Orange County Commission. 
"One hundred years ago today, the women of America celebrated a remarkable accomplishment: They won the right to vote and finally gained a voice in the decisions of their times and in the great experiment in democracy.It had been a decades-long battle. Don’t be fooled by the history books that tell you we were “granted” the right to vote. This was one of the first great social movements in our country’s history, and many suffragists were jeered at, beaten and jailed in the course of it."  Continue reading HERE  
We've launched our “100 Days to The Vote” campaign, with daily social-media posts, (also on our site for our non-social media users) featuring fascinating nuggets about the suffragists and the achievements of women in the century since 1920, both nationally and in Central Florida, FACEBOOK  and on Instagram @LWVOC  Our 100 Days celebration continues until November 3, the Election Day that marks 100 years since the first time women across the nation could participate in our democracy.
[Shown above: The illuminations are part of the “Forward into Light” campaign of the national Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission. Pictured: The National Archives, Washington, D.C.]

These LWVOC members volunteered to work at the Adopt-A-Precinct sites. Due to their volunteerism, they helped people exercise their right to vote and defended democracy!  Just imagine that 100 years before on AUG 18, the 19th Amendment was ratified by ONE VOTE in Tennessee.  The coincidence of our volunteers helping others on this special 100th anniversary makes it all the more special.


 "Celebrating the Centennial of women’s suffrage, LWVOC leaders led a spirited Zoom and Facebook-live hour of laughter and song, with thoughtful reflections on women’s history and a rousing call to action in support of voting and voters.

An estimated 475 people participated in the party through zoom and Facebook-live. The recording is available on Facebook @LWVOC video or our YouTube Channel"  Continue reading HERE  

This week we will welcome esteemed journalist Mary Ellen Klas. Mary Ellen covers politics and focuses on investigative and accountability reporting. Earlier this year, Mary Ellen herself was featured in the news when she was denied access to a press conference by Gov. Ron DeSantis detailing the state’s latest efforts to contain one of the largest outbreaks of COVID-19 in the country.
Discussion: How does one ensure the protection of our first amendment rights in the current political climate? How can the League continue to push for integrity, ethical standards and transparency in Florida government?
Q&A Session with Mary Ellen Klas and LWVFL President Patricia Brigham
LWVFL Updates & News
Members ONLY: Register Here 

Register HERE: Hot Topics-Policing in the 21st Century - 9/9/2020

Shown below, memories of past HT luncheons with the hope that we'll be together again soon.  And as you can see, the League of Women Voters counts on the membership and participation of community MEN.  In fact, 20% of our members are men and we're fortunate to have many men presenting/attending our events.  Invite the men in your life to JOIN THE LEAGUE.

Virtual volunteering is a thing nowadays!  You can choose something below, participate with one of our Committees or peruse our Volunteering page.  Women fought for the right to vote in a pandemic a century ago and today, we fight against voter suppression, etc. during a modern pandemic.  #wegotthis #votes4all #defenddemocracy
COVID-19 has created challenges for the League’s voter registration efforts. Nationally and locally, Leaguers are busy working on a Vote-by-Mail campaign. Social media is one of the strategies we’ll utilize. We’re asking members, who are Facebook @LWVOC and Instagram users @lwvoc, to help increase our social media presence by interacting with the League's posts.  Interacting with our posts is where the magic happens. Every time you do, our voice is amplified. The more interactions we have, the more people will see our message and the greater our impact. A “like” is good, a “comment” is better and a “share” is best of all.  ~ R. Pando 
Save the graphics below on your device and share on your social media platforms.
Election info found at

Our Statewide Census Committee is in need of volunteers to assist in a special Census outreach program for under counted communities in Florida.  It’s easy, virtual work: texting people in undercounted communities and encouraging them to answer the 2020 Census.
This project requires a commitment of 3-5 hours over the course of a 5-7 day window. The texting is done through a computer or tablet with a number provided by the program. An accurate and complete 2020 Census count is critical to ensuring Florida receives its fair share of funding and representation.
To participate:
Fill out the COE Texter Participation form. When it asks "Organization Name" please put League of Women Voters of Florida.
Sign up for a Texter Training(Trainings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays).
Lastly, complete this form to let us know you are signed up and ask any questions you might have.
And in this week's Orlando Sentinel Florida Census Takers Race the Clock

From the Florida Election Protection Coalition

Interested in helping monitor the election process?  Members can find out more about their non-partisan mission HERE: "...mobilizing thousands of volunteers to help our fellow Americans navigate the voting process and cast their votes..."

Volunteer your smile and the reason you vote.  We want to feature YOU on our social media!
  • Submit a picture of yourself with the "Vote From Home" yard sign.
  • Submit a snapshot of you along with a short answer to the question "Why is voting important to me?"  We'll add the caption to the photo
  • Submit a short video clip (30-seconds or less) answering the question "Why is voting important to me?"
  •  Send your submissions to John Klapchuk

19th Amendment: Women Vote Stamp Commemorates Historic Suffrage Movement

The stamp will be available nationwide Aug. 22. A virtual dedication ceremony, part of the Women's Rights National Historical Park Equality Weekend, will be posted on the Postal Service’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  

“For more than 70 years, suffragettes across the nation marched and rallied for their audacious cause: affording women the right to vote,” said Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer Jacqueline Krage Strako, dedicating official for the Postal Service. “This stamp commemorates their perseverance in securing this unalienable right for themselves and future generations.”

The Membership Committee made a generous donation to the League Education Fund in the name of Christa Hyatt (shown right.) Christa was a valuable member of our committee; she was our Roster Manager and part of the Hot Topics check in team.  We honor her out of appreciation for her years of work.   She is already missed!

Your contributions help us continue the powerful work of the League, especially during these pandemic times when our normal operations have been curtailed.  THANK YOU to the following generous contributors:
Connie Welch made a generous donation to the LWVOC Education Fund
 For those of you who would like to donate "to honor" or "in memory of" someone or to support our voter education efforts,
visit our Donations page.

Alice Williams
Donna Davis
Rita Lagana
Kerri Rossi

 *Remember, students join for free!
Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to JOIN US 

Newsletter Checklist
  • Our History/Centennial Committees deserve a standing ovation.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have given their time, dollars, and dedication to remembering us!
  • Registration for Hot Topics is open!
  • Explore our committees under ADVOCACY on our website and get started with your activism.
  • If you missed our fun Suffrage Happy Hour yesterday, visit Facebook or our YouTube Channel to view.
  • Check out information below for teacher resources for VOTER EDUCATION

All members should have received this email message touting the educational resources now available for students and the general public.

"As part of the 2020 Election Task Force Committee, we have adapted the national League’s voter education PowerPoint (PPT) for Orange County usable for both high schools and for general audiences.  These are designed to be used in virtual presentations (like Zoom) OR at in-person gatherings or classrooms.  We are happy to provide presenters for virtual presentations."

For high school students, contact: Betty Saulpaugh/

For general public, contact:  Denise Burton/