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Suffrage Happy Hour/August 26, 2020

Published on 8/27/2020



“This won’t be like any other League meeting you ever attended,” said Joan Erwin when she kicked off the Aug. 26 “Suffrage Happy Hour” for the League of Women Voters of Orange County, Florida.


She was surely correct.


Celebrating the Centennial of women’s suffrage, LWVOC leaders led a spirited Zoom and Facebook-live hour of laughter and song, with thoughtful reflections on women’s history and a rousing call to action in support of voting and voters.


An estimated 475 people participated in the party through zoom and Facebook-live. The recording is available on videos.


The LWVOC History Committee convened the event. Leading the party were Jill Shargaa, the committee’s graphic artist and a professional comedian; Joan Erwin and Joy Dickinson, History Committee co-chairs; Sandi Vidal and Gloria Pickar, LWVOC co-presidents; and Linda Chapin, LWVOC Centennial chair.


The agenda included Jill’s “Top Ten” lists of suffragist humor and a suffragist trivia contest.  Chapin retraced suffragists’ fight to win the vote for women a hundred years ago, and Pickar issued a memorable challenge to support voters, voting rights, vote by mail, and voter turnout.


August 26 was the 100th anniversary of the day the 19th Amendment was formally certified and became part of the U.S. Constitution. The Orange County League is celebrating the Centennial by a series of events that focuses on the importance of voting and champions Votes for All.