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Protest We Must

LWVOC Co-Presidents | Published on 6/4/2020

Memo from: Gloria Pickar and Sandi Vidal, Co-Presidents

Date:June 3, 2020

Subject:Protest We Must

We join the voices of our national and Florida leagues to condemn the senseless and heinous killing of George Floyd and so many others perpetrated by the explosion of repetitive police brutality and racial injustice. We endorse the right of all people to peacefully protest this tragedy and culture of racism. We also recognize that voting is the most effective means of protest. The League’s purpose for 100 years has been to protect this right.

Further, the League of Women Voters is fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in principle and in practice. We have made diversity, equity, and inclusion a first-horizon goal of our Orange County League’s strategic plan. We are committed to do the work necessary to move this objective forward. We support #BlackLivesMatter.

During overlapping crises and so much chaos, we remain firm in our opposition to all efforts and tactics that threaten our democracy. We are struck by the late government reaction to the highly infectious and deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the oppression and killing of people of color by those entrusted to protect us, government’s militarized response to those exercising their First Amendment rights, and the infringement on our civil rights by the continued suppression of voting rights. We are disgusted by all of this, including the lack of response to our Florida Supervisors of Elections written request on April 7 to our governor for CARES funding and relief of regulations that impede voting.

We must redouble our efforts to register and turn out voters. Voting IS the most effective form of protest. Every day our elections become more critical and our work becomes more important. Let us all stand up, step up, and speak out to support our efforts to empower voters and defend our democracy.

Gloria & Sandi