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We welcome your interest and encourage your participation.


To join or for more information, contact Committee Co-Chairs Tricia Huder Marilyn Hefferan

For Members Only Forums

MONTHLY MEETINGS 12:00-2:00 PMThird Tuesday of the Month
Orlando Library, Herndon Branch
4324 E. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

In the past four years since the latest formation of this committee the focus has been on staying informed regarding the laws and policies -national, state and local in scope - that impact public education in Orange County. Using the information gained we advocate for League education priorities and communicate with legislators, fellow League members and the public at large.

Charter schools and the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship/Voucher program (FTC) are two specific areas that have been delved into a significant degree. The issue of charter schools was of concern to the extent that it would become a statewide study. So this effort took on all the aspects that an official Study mandates.

More recently the FTC vouchers were researched with the findings being developed into a Power Point for use in presentations.

Another activity that has absorbed the committee is following education bills during the legislative sessions. We share information, develop opinions and communicate with legislators, fellow League members and the public as both League members and as private citizens.

The committee has the advantage of having both seasoned and new members. The majority of our membership is alumni of OCPS. All members are advocates for a quality, fully funded public education for all students.